Who Contributes to More Accidents? Men vs. Women

And we thought women drivers got a bad wrap. But don’t be too upset guys, even though men do cause more accidents, they are actually less at-risk than women, by a small margin. 

Have a look at the numbers.

Men cause 6.1 million accidents per year and women cause 4.4 million per year (National Highway Safety Administration)

105.7 million women and 104.3 million men have drivers licenses (University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute)

On average, men drive 16,550 miles and women drive 10,142 miles per year ( Federal Highway Administration)

Men get more DUIs, traffic violations and are responsible for a greater portion of car accidents. However, men drive about 30 percent more miles than women. Yet, they’re implicated in slightly less than 30 percent of car accidents. 

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