Guides For Safe Driving in the Virgin Islands

Whether you are new to the island or a seasoned local, there are always challenging moments when driving on the island. The speed limit is rarely posted on most roads. Due to narrow roads, severe curves and inclines most roads won’t allow excessive speeds. So best to keep the island time mentality and take it slow.

Be mindful of pot holes, rock landfalls after storms and people stopping to have a chat with a pedestrian friend or to pickup or drop off a passenger in the middle of anywhere. Rearending seems to be the majority of accidents reported on island. Due to all of the island uncertainties that may occur it is even more important to not use your phone while driving.

The law strictly enforces mandatory seatbelts in front and back seats of vehicle and NO use of phone will driving. However, drinking alcohol while driving is permitted as long as you don’t exceed a .08 BAC, (though we don’t recommend it!)

Drivers are generally friendly here in the USVI. It is customary to stop and allow other drivers to enter traffic and toot your horn to thank those that give you the right of way.


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