Helpful Tips for Saving Money on Gas

Do you find yourself questioning whether it’s worth the gas every time you leave the house? We do! With fuel prices soaring & no end in sight, we put together a list of helpful tips to help you save at the pump.

Stay at half: It is more efficient to keep at least a half-tank of fuel at all times

Check online: Oftentimes you will see others posting the price of gas at different gas stations around the islands – you can gain some knowledge on which ones in particular to avoid.

Obey speed limits: When you drive, follow the speed limits and drive smoothly. Your driving habits can play a significant role in fuel economy. (Beyond fuel concerns, speeding is, of course, a safety concern!).

Drive evenly: Avoid hard acceleration and then hard braking when possible. It has been shown that constant fluctuating of the gas and brake can actually reduce average miles per gallon by 2 to 3 mpg.

Skip the premium: Skip premium gas unless your car requires it. Regular/mid-grade fuel will work fine in a car that is rated for regular gasoline.

Check tire pressure: Check your doorjamb sticker (on the driver’s side pillar between the front and the rear door) for the best tire pressure for your vehicle. Low tire pressure can not only burn more fuel but affect performance and tire longevity as well.

Use public transport: Especially if you work/live in a central location, taking a safari or VITran bus could not only equal savings on fuel but it is a greener way to go!

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